Manual & Automatic Gearboxes

We can offer driving lessons with an automatic or manual car.

Manual Gearbox

The traditional driving license that every Brit holds – a full one! Our friendly team are calm, patient and thorough – no shouting here! We tailor our lessons to your individual needs to enable you to learn safely at your own pace.

Our lessons prepare you for all kinds of challenging driving experiences, covering all the skills you need to know to ensure you become a confident, skilled driver.
Our instructors have the experience to deliver a variety of driving lessons, such as refresher lessons, intensive courses and nervous driver lessons, so we can build a bespoke learning plan that caters for your requirements.

Our driving instructors offer driving lessons in Southampton and far beyond.

Automatic Gearbox

Learning to drive a manual isn’t for everyone – especially in busy cities where changing gears and clutch control is frequent as you constantly start and stop.

Whilst the vast majority of UK drivers have a full driving license, some people opt to learn automatic only to speed up the process, as you won’t need to learn how to use a clutch and multitask so much. Most cars nowadays are automatic, and with electric cars looming, being able to drive manual won’t be required in the near future.

Nervous drivers may also prefer automatic driving lessons, as they can focus more on the road around them, and pass with fewer lessons.

If you’re looking for automatic driving lessons in Southampton, look no further.