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Is it worth training to be a driving instructor?

Being a driving teacher requires flexibility and presents challenges. This employment is ideal for you if you enjoy spending time on the road, engaging with others, and being your own boss.

Driving instructors receive tremendous rewards for their work. Because driving gives people independence and the chance to broaden their horizons, you may help improve someone’s quality of life.

Yet why? Why would someone want to spend their days instructing (sometimes) haughty teens on driving? First off, it doesn’t only affect teens. There will be grownups who didn’t have the time to devote to obtaining their licence, as well as newcomers to the nation and those who need to improve their licences in order to find employment.

There will always be a demand for driving instructors wherever there are cars on the road. Every day, a teen somewhere has reached the legal driving age and will need instruction. You may choose to be as busy as you want to be since getting a driver’s licence is seen as a rite of passage into adulthood.

Although not everyone would appreciate this aspect, if the idea of physically demanding employment makes you shudder, being a driving teacher could be for you. You spend most of your time sitting and sharing your knowledge. So get a soft seat cover, then take a seat.

Ironically, even if you spend the entire day sitting still, you still have the opportunity to travel, visit amazing new locations, and interact with intriguing people. They approach you! Every one of your kids will bring their own distinct personality to the car, and you could pick up some new information.

There are many reckless drivers on the road. You are in a unique position as a teacher to be able to lower that number. You have the chance to create safe and self-assured drivers one at a time. Your attitude and viewpoint toward this duty you have can greatly influence the development of a safer and better future for all who use roads.

You can claim business expenditures for fuel, maintenance, and even monthly vehicle payments when filing your taxes.

If you are thinking about training to become a driving instructor, please contact Ahmed Driving School today.

What is the role of instructors?

A driving teacher is a person who aids in driving instruction. There are a variety of various kinds of driving instructors. Many people work for private businesses rather than being self-employed. Driving instructors may train pupils of different ages, such as teenagers, adults, and senior citizens.

It is a driving instructor’s responsibility to inform passengers about safe driving practices. You’ll frequently give both theoretical and practical teaching in this role. Presentations, lectures, quizzes, and other assignments are part of classroom instruction and provide students with essential knowledge. Then, in a real car, the students will put your instructions to the test. Driving classes and on-road instruction are both provided by instructors. Driving instructors advise pupils on a variety of topics, including driving safety, common driving legislation, and the rules of the road. Their main aims are to assist pupils in passing formal driving examinations and obtaining their licences so they may drive safely.

There are two main types of instructors – Driving school instructors and commercial driving instructors:

A driving school instructor teaches driving solely at their place of employment. They won’t instruct the same group of people over the course of a typical year; instead, they’ll conduct longer, more in-depth lessons. They’ll teach pupils what they need to know to pass driving tests over the course of a few weeks or months. These pupils don’t want you to teach them broad information because they are at the driving school expressly to obtain a licence.

A commercial driving instructor is also referred to as a commercial driver’s licence (CDL) trainer. This expert specialises in instructing pupils on how to drive commercial vehicles, including semi-trucks. The majority of the work at driving schools is done by regular driving school instructors. However, some CDL teachers work at colleges or vocational schools.

What driving training courses are available?

Manual transmission courses – Our welcoming staff is composed, attentive, and careful. To help you learn securely and at your own speed, we customise our sessions to meet your specific needs. Our classes include all the skills you need to be aware of to guarantee that you develop into a confident, proficient driver, preparing you for a variety of difficult driving situations.  We can create a customised learning plan that meets your needs since our instructors have the knowledge to give a range of driving classes, including refresher lessons, intensive courses, and apprehensive driver training. Driving lessons are available from our driving instructors around Southampton and beyond.

Automatic transmission courses – Not everyone will want to learn how to drive a manual car, especially in crowded cities where clutch control and gear changes are frequent due to the continual starting and stopping. Although most drivers in the UK have a full licence, some choose to learn to do automatic driving since it speeds up the process because you don’t have to learn how to use a clutch or multitask as much. Nowadays, the majority of vehicles are automated, and with the impending arrival of electric vehicles, manual driving skills won’t be necessary for very long. Nervous drivers could also like autonomous driving instruction since it allows them to concentrate more on the traffic around them and pass after fewer lessons.

Driving instructor courses – Our training gets you ready for the three-part ADI test so you may pass it easily and develop into a capable teacher who can pass their own students. With the addition of needing to demonstrate advanced driving abilities for which our teachers will prepare you, it is quite comparable to a standard driving exam.

Normal driving lessons – Prices start at £71 for 2-hour sessions with package deals available.

Test booking – Theory test and practical test.

Refresher lessons – These lessons come in blocks of either 10 hours or 20 hours.

Intensive courses – Packages available from 5 hours to 40 hours of training.

Can driving instructors give you lessons in your own car?

Getting your first car is an important milestone in life. Some people consider it to be among their happiest youth memories. Your first car gives you a sense of freedom and accountability. Only you can decide whether to acquire a car to use for practice or to wait until you have passed before doing so.

You may take your driving test and learn to drive in the same vehicle. When you have your own car, it is much simpler to persuade a family member or friend to join you for a practice session, and you can learn all the minor quirks of your own car. Instead of using their car to do your lessons, have them meet you at your home and use your own car.

They may ask for confirmation of your insurance, so make sure to have it on hand. The lesson won’t be any less expensive as a result. The biggest advantage of purchasing a vehicle to practise driving in is that, if you pass your test, you can switch from Provisional Licence Insurance to Full Licence Insurance with only a single phone call to your insurance company.

Do you need to have driving lessons with an instructor?

A person’s life might be thrilling when they learn to drive. However, for some people, taking the more traditional path may not be the best choice, and you may choose to learn on your own instead of choosing a driving instructor or driver training course.

There are several reasons why someone would want to learn to drive independently rather than with a driving instructor. Below, we outline some of the key causes:

It may be less expensive. It’s a good idea to learn to drive with an instructor since they can provide knowledgeable guidance. But their expertise comes at a price, and students frequently plan to pay about £50 per hour for their driving lessons.

You may take driving lessons at your own pace, regardless of how much free time you have or how busy your calendar is. By studying with a friend or family member rather than an instructor, you’ll be able to fit driving lessons into your schedule.

You can learn to drive in your own car if you have already bought the automobile you want to use exclusively after passing your test, or if you plan to carpool with someone to whose car you will have access. If you choose to learn to drive independently, you can do so in either scenario.

It could be less demanding – Every person has a unique experience when learning to drive. While some people find it easy, others find it to be rather stressful. Choosing not to attend with a teacher might be advantageous for individuals who know they’ll feel better at ease being with someone they know and trust.

How much are driving lessons?

We have many types of courses and lessons available depending on what you need. Below is a list of our prices for each course type:

Introductory offer:
2 Hours assessment session for beginners – £71.00

Standard lessons:
2 Hours standard session – £71.00
10 Hours prepaid – £350.00
20 Hours prepaid – £690.00
30 Hours prepaid – £1020.00
40 Hours prepaid – £1340.00

Refresher courses:
10 Hours refresher package – £400.00
20 Hours refresher package – £750.00

Intensive courses: 
5 hours intensive driving lessons – £240.00
10 hours intensive driving lessons – £475.00
20 hours intensive driving lessons – £940.00
30 hours intensive driving lessons – £1395.00
40 hours intensive driving lessons – £1850.00

Test Booking: 
Test (theory) – £23.00
Test (theory with Voice Over) – £23.00
Test (weekday practical) – £62.00
Test (weekend practical) – £75.00
Test (extended weekday) – £124.00
Test (extended weekend) – £150.00
Test day car hire flat fees – £120.00
5 Hours test ready only test package – £195.00
7 Hours test ready only test package – £266.00

If you are thinking about taking lessons, tests or refresher courses, please contact Ahmed Driving School.