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becoming a driving instructor portsmouth

Is it worth doing driving instructor training in Portsmouth?

A wonderful approach to leaving a job you don’t like and spending more time working around your own schedule is to become a driving instructor. Due to the massive lesson backlog, you’ll get to meet new people, positively impact their lives, and earn substantially more money than in past years—all while relaxing in the comfort of your own vehicle. As the top driving school in Portsmouth, we are constantly searching for fresh, skilled Driving teachers to join our team and aid in the independence of new student drivers. We invite both aspiring and seasoned driving teachers to work with us. Let’s see why it’s worth becoming a driving teacher in Portsmouth.

Since 2013, there have been more people taking driving tests each year. Driving teachers are in greater demand than ever, and that need is only growing. The urge among young people in the UK to learn to drive is growing and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. In the majority of the towns and cities near Portsmouth, we have driving teachers. Wherever you live, there is always a need for driving teachers.

When working as a teacher with Ahmed Driving School, you may choose your own schedule to suit your needs. Utilize full control of your personal diary to schedule activities around transporting the kids to school or visiting friends and relatives.

Driving teachers may make an average of £35,000–£40,000 per year working a 40-hour workweek. Your earning potential is what you make it; more hours spent on courses and tuition will translate to better pay.

Giving a young individual a useful life skill to learn makes for a highly satisfying job. Our driving teachers consistently cite the opportunity to interact with new people each week and have a positive impact on their lives as one of the best aspects of their jobs.

The finest thing you could possibly do to start your year off right would be to become a driving teacher. The lives of thousands of trainee drivers around the country each year are changed because of the work of our driving teachers, both new and seasoned. We’ll treat you like a person, not just another number. No matter where they are in our team, each person is important to us.

How much does it cost to become an approved driving instructor in Portsmouth?

We will be providing a completely encompassing driving tuition package for £1950 for a limited time. You will graduate from the course with ADI instructor certification, at which point you may add your name to our growing roster of instructors and start instructing your very own students.

Since lockout was implemented, the number of individuals taking driving lessons has increased dramatically to the point that there aren’t enough driving instructors to accommodate everyone who wants a licence. With the help of our training, you may easily pass the three-part ADI test and become a qualified instructor who can pass their own pupils. It is pretty similar to a conventional driving exam, with the added of needing to demonstrate advanced driving talents for which our experts will educate you.

What qualifications do driving instructors need in Portsmouth?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a driving instructor? To be able to learn to become a driving instructor, there are a few requirements. Before applying, it’s crucial to be informed of the entrance criteria. Consider whether you would be a good fit for the position if you are just starting to think about this as a career.

Due to the numerous advantages of an instructor profession, driving instructor positions are growing in popularity. There are many open positions, and you may pick the hours you work to fit your schedule.

Many people take pleasure in the position because they find teaching to be incredibly satisfying; there is nothing better than seeing someone you have taught pass their test. Additionally, you get to interact with a variety of people every day and assist them in their efforts to become safe drivers. Additionally, it’s a very high-paying position with a possible annual salary of over £30,000.

There is a wealth of information on careers as driving instructors, which may give the impression that things are more difficult than they actually are. It is a pretty simple process to become a driving instructor. You will require:

Criminal background check – A criminal background check is necessary for all driving instructors.

Send your application to the DVSA in order to start the qualification process to become a instructor (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).

Three ADI qualification exams must be passed to move on to the following phase – To advance to the next level, you must pass the ADI parts 1, 2, and 3.

Obtain an ADI badge.

Make sure you have the education, training, and experience necessary to work as a driving instructor before you take any of the aforementioned actions. You might not yet be in a position to apply for a variety of reasons.

Do you care deeply about traffic safety?

The first concern of a driving instructor should be traffic safety. They are in charge of both their own and the student driver’s safety. It is essential that you care deeply about and keep in mind road safety at all times.

Do you speak clearly and effectively?

You must be able to convey driving directions in a clear and straightforward manner. It will be required of you to communicate well with your pupils and provide clear directions. Your guidance will be relied upon by new drivers to get them safely from point A to point B. Good communication is a valuable ability if you want to be a driving instructor, however, you will learn how to do this as part of your ADI part 3 course.

Do you think your driving skills are good?

If you don’t think you’re a decent driver, there’s no use in applying to be a driving instructor. You will be required to set an example for others and teach them how to drive. Driving instructors should always act professionally and with confidence in their skills.

Are you content working with a variety of people?

As a driving instructor, you will interact with a wide variety of people. Everybody has somewhat varied needs, and some pupils are more likely to benefit from particular instructional methods. To get the most out of each student, you must be willing to adapt your teaching method.

Can you maintain composure under pressure?

You must be able to maintain composure in potentially stressful circumstances. You must maintain your composure and keep giving precise directions if a difficult circumstance arises. It’s crucial to maintain your composure throughout any uncomfortable situations you could encounter as a driving instructor.

Are you effective at providing constructive criticism?

Instructors must provide constructive criticism to students in order to help them develop. You must possess the self-assurance necessary to provide constructive criticism in a timely manner.

Do you respond quickly?

Driving instructors must have fast reflexes. If any problems arise, they must be able to intervene and take control of the vehicle.

Are you perceptive?

All drivers need to be extremely vigilant, but driving instructors need to be especially vigilant. To avoid any occurrences, you must be able to recognise dangers and alert learners in advance.

How long does it take to become a driving instructor in Portsmouth?

For the majority of people, earning their ADI certificate and becoming fully trained driving instructors will take at least six months. However, you must have had a full, unblemished driving licence for three or more years in order to take the ADI examinations. How long it takes to become a driving instructor is among the queries that individuals frequently have when considering applying to be an ADI.

The minimum time required to become a driving instructor is six months, but depending on how much time and effort you invest, it might take as long as twelve months.

It takes talent to become a driving instructor. If you could pick it up fast, everyone would do so, which would cause the market to become swiftly oversaturated. What would it say about the calibre of our service or your potential to develop into a skilled instructor if we could teach you what we know about instructing people how to be a driving instructor in just a week or a month? In the long run, investing six months to acquire a talent you can use to support yourself for the rest of your life is not a significant expense and is well worth your time, patience, and dedication.

Many new driving instructors actually start off by learning how to be instructors while still doing their regular jobs. If your employer permits time off, there is no reason why you can’t ease into your new career once you have earned your qualification.

It is entirely up to you how many hours you put in; we just advise working enough to earn a good living and satisfy your clients. As a result, you may hold down another employment until you are prepared to focus solely on your ADI career.


How different are instructor driving lessons from normal driving lessons in Portsmouth?

Becoming a driving instructor in Portsmouth is similar to learning how to drive. The difference is that you need to know how to drive already.  The lessons go in-depth into the dangers of driving and help you learn how to deal with difficult situations on the road.  Training obviously takes a lot longer than learning to drive and the theory part of the exam is similar in some senses but again, more in-depth.

Training in theory and hazard perception is done online. Additionally, you will get access to our online videos so that you may study at your own pace. The first phase is a theoretical test, which is quite similar to a regular driving exam. But unlike the typical theoretical test, there are 100 questions in all, chosen at random. The passing score on this harder test is 85. A test of hazard perception follows the theoretical test. The following 4 sections make up the test:

– Road Procedures
– Traffic signs & Signals, Car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge
– Driving test, disabilities and the law
– Publications and instructional techniques

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