Becoming a Driving Instructor Winchester and Surrounding Areas | Our driving school offers a complete package from driving instructor training to enabling guys to become driving instructors offering driving lessons not only in  Winchester but all over the UK.

becoming a driving instructor winchester

How to become an LDC driving instructor in Winchester with our comprehensive driving instructor training course and pass the test.

Welcome to Ahmed’s driving instructor training school, do you want a career change, want to teach driving lessons and be your own boss, work hours that suit you giving driving lessons, live in Winchester or surrounding areas and thinking of becoming a driving instructor Winchester, then teaching driving lessons in Winchester and help people to successfully learn to drive could be for you, it is a very rewarding job!

Starting a career as a driving instructor in Winchester is not as difficult as you might think, it’s similar to a regular driving test but you will be taught more advanced driving skills and driving lessons by our ADI-trained instructors.

Our Driving Instructor Training package, what’s involved to finish the course?

The instructor course is taught by us in three parts as below, follow these steps to become a driving instructor in Winchester

Part 1: Theory and hazard perception,

You will have access to our online digital videos provided by us so you can study in your own time too, at the end you will be given an exam, this exam comprises of 100 random questions, the pass mark being 85 correct answers.

Part 2: 15 hours of driver training taught by our instructors in Winchester

You will be taught by us a high standard of driving competence, driving techniques, consideration and anticipation of other road users.

Part 3: 40 hours of teacher training.

These lessons are more about teaching you communication expertise which will enable you to teach, interact and advise pupils effectively enabling them to be better road users.

Optional: Trainee Instructor License.

This comprises an extra 20 hours of in-vehicle training, giving you a temporary 6-month licence allowing you to start teaching students from our driving school to drive and to start earning money before completing the exam in part 3!

 Why choose a registered LDC (Learner Driver Centre)?

The LDC training system used by us at our Winchester-based driving school has a 30-year track record, ensuring you qualify to become an ADI driving instructor, all our Winchester-based instructors are renowned for their patience and understanding making for a great learning environment.

A few questions answered, if you have more don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Is there a demand for driving instructors?

100% there is a huge demand, you will have more work than you know what to do with!

Can I make a living wage?

As above, your earnings will be dependent on how much you want to work.


If you are a novice just wanting to learn and pass a driving test then please check below for more information and details.

Why choose our Winchester-based driving school to take your driving test and what’s included in the training and test?

Step 1: Provisional Licence.

First off you will need to apply to the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing  Agency) to obtain a provisional licence, this is more like an identity card that proves you are legal to drive on UK roads

Step 2: Driving Lessons.

You will meet your driving instructor who will undertake your training and driving lessons, firstly introducing you and familiarising you with the vehicle’s controls, use of mirrors, signalling, pulling away, speed and controlling it.

Step 3: Theory Test

This involves no driving, just 50 questions selected randomly, which you will need to answer 43 correctly!

Nothing to worry about our driving instructors will teach you about the highway code, offer valuable advice and also will get you to find resources for home study to make it very easy to pass the theory test.


Step 4:  Practical Driving Test.

This is always a nervous day for not only yourself but your driving instructor too as they will want you to pass with flying colours, your success is our success too we are Winchester’s finest!

The test will start with a simple eyesight check (you will be asked to read a vehicles number plate from 20 metres away), and the examiner who will be sitting with you will test you on general driving ability on various roads and road conditions (country roads around Winchester and Winchester town centre)

You will be asked by the examiner to complete a 3-point turn, they will also check your ability to reverse, as in a parallel park or reverse into a parking bay.

Our driving instructor can be sat in the rear of the vehicle if needed but cannot speak or offer any assistance to you.

At the end, the examiner will give you the result, pass or fail!

In the UN-highly event, if the result is a fail, your instructor will offer more training/learning, and more driving lessons with our driving school in Winchester, it is in our interest for you to get a pass and we will manage to do that I can promise you.


We offer both manual gearbox and automatic driving lessons at our Winchester school, what’s the difference?

I would say a majority of people learn to drive a car with a manual gearbox, which means having to use a clutch pedal and gear lever to be able to change gears as opposed to the automatic car which does not have a clutch pedal or gear level this is all done automatically, which in theory does speed up the learning to drive process as you don’t have to worry about clutch control or changing of gears.

At our driving Winchester driving school, we can teach driving lessons in both manual or automatic gearbox cars, this choice is yours.

If you are of a nervous disposition and worried about foot and hand coordination to learn to drive and never intend to drive a manual gearbox car, then at our driving school our driving instructors can offer you automatic driving lessons too.

Please note: If you learn to drive and have a license for an automatic car you will not be able to legally drive a manual car.


Have any questions, hopefully, you will find answers below, if not drop us a message we are always happy to help.

Are your driving instructors licensed to teach?

Yes, all our driving instructors are ADI (Approved Driving instructors) and licensed to teach driving, most of them have been trained by us.

How many driving lessons will I need to pass?

Normally a minimum of 45 hours of learning, lessons and training provided by us is sufficient.

How long are each driving lessons?

Normally 1 hour, although we would recommend 2-hour driving lessons this way we find students make quicker progress unless time is of the essence then one-hour driving lessons are fine by us.

Can you offer weekend driving lessons?

Yes, of course, we are here to cover any eventuality making us versatile to teach driving lessons when it suits you.

Do I need tuition for the theory test?

The answer is no, if you are happy learning by yourself, personally, I would recommend using the full services offered by us.



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