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There’s no better driving school than Ahmed Driving School ready to help you succeed in driving instructor training today!

All of us, including potential driving instructors, wishing in becoming a driving instructor Bournemouth have been impacted by COVID-19! Due to regulatory constraints, our driving instructors were unable to instruct new students on how to pass their tests for several months. Along with this, the government stopped administering driving tests, creating a significant backlog for both new students beginning their studies and current students taking exams. Due to this shortage, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) reports that driving instructors are one of the most sought-after jobs in the UK. There are currently about 4000 new 17-year-olds who want to begin their lessons every single day, and the wait time for the driving test is currently around 14 weeks.

Despite the fact that everything seems somewhat hopeless, there has never been a better time to become a driving instructor. Ahmed Driving School Bournemouth is always looking for people to join our team because we are one of the most reputable driving schools in the UK.

Who can become a driving instructor?

It couldn’t be easier to meet the driving instructor training requirements to work as a driving instructor with Ahmed Driving School in Bournemouth. You must be at least 21 years old, have had a full UK driving licence for at least three years, have no more than six points on your record, and also be (disqualified-free). Even if you already have one, you must complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before submitting your application.

How To Become A Driving Instructor

If you decide to work with an established company like ours, you also become a very important part of a business and receive lessons along with backing, and support, and you are surrounded by like-minded colleagues. Becoming a driving instructor is an opportunity for you to learn a new trade, become your own boss, set your own hours, and achieve job satisfaction. Overall, it is a career with wonderful rewards and the extra perk of knowing you are helping individuals become mobile with their new driving skills, giving them a new lease on life via your driver training.

Before applying, there are specific requirements you must meet, and after being accepted, you must pass three different Driving Standards Agency tests (DVSA). You could need a few months to do this due to the extensive training needed. You must pass each of the following three tests via your instructor training:

Part 1: Theory Test

Part 2: Practical Driving Test

Part 3: Instructional Ability Test

Have You Got What It Takes To Become An Instructor?

We’ll discuss the DVSA criteria shortly, but first, we think it would be helpful if you looked at your new potential job a little more thoroughly by taking some suggestions from our many years of experience as driving instructors:

You must have people skills. In your day-to-day work, you will interact with a diverse spectrum of personality types, some of whom will be anxious. A good driving instructor should be able to put students at ease while still getting the greatest performance possible from them while they are learning to drive.

You need to be compassionate and patient. People pick things up at different rates, and some are more confident than others when learning to drive. Everyone makes mistakes, though. When they do, you need to be the kind of person who can handle the situation professionally and calmly while also reassuring the learner driver that they are in excellent hands.

You must take pleasure in instructing others. It is a wonderful experience and well worth the wait when one of your students passes their driving test because it was YOU who made that possible. To be able to assist people of various skill levels, you must like teaching others how to drive and possess all the traits associated with a successful instructor, such as a good sense of humour, efficiency in the classroom, professionalism in the workplace, and excellent communication skills.

You ought to be entrepreneurial-minded. It’s not necessary to work from 9 to 5 to be a driving instructor; even when you work for a corporation, you are still in some ways your own boss. The implication of this is that you must be ready for everything that this entails. Even though you will have our unwavering support every day, you still need to have the motivation that sets you apart from other employees; after all, you are the boss, and you should be ready for the responsibilities that come with it.

You must be prepared to work really hard. We won’t lie to you; the life of an ADI can be extremely rewarding on both a financial and personal level. You may work odd hours, sit for extended periods of time, deal with students at various stages of learning from one lesson to the next, and maintain professionalism while giving driving lessons.

You will be hard-pressed to find greater training anywhere in the nation than what we provide here at Ahmed Driving School Bournemouth for our brand-new teachers. Over the many years, we’ve been in business, our reputation has developed naturally, and it doesn’t seem like it will slow down any time soon. We have a well-deserved reputation for passing both our new instructors’ instructor tests swiftly and without sacrificing any quality because we exclusively employ Grade A instructor trainers.

Driving Instructors Legal Requirements

Three years minimum of licence status is required. 

Your licence must be in the subject area you plan to teach in.

You cannot have five points or more on your driving record.

You must be at least 21 years old.

A licence plate must be readable from 90 feet away (wearing glasses to do this is fine)

You must not be barred from working with children or have a criminal record that includes sexual, violent, financial, or drug-related offences.

Part 1: Theory Test

The theory test designed exclusively for candidate driving instructor training is called the ADI Part 1. It is the first of three tests you must pass to be completely qualified to teach driving lessons. The trainee driver theory test is formatted similarly to the driving instructor theory test, however, there are some significant distinctions between the two. The trainee driver theory test and the driving instructor theory test differ in a number of ways, including the following:

The pass rate for multiple-choice questions is 85%.

There are 100 types of questions.

The pass level for hazard perception is 57 out of 75.

The test consists of two sections, and passing requires passing both the multiple-choice and the danger perception portions on the same day.

Hazard Perception and Multiple Choice Test 

You must respond to 100 questions in the multiple-choice portion of the exam. You must succeed in: 

a rating of at least 85 out of 100 Overall

Minimum 20 out of 25 in each of the 4 question categories

The following are the categories for the ADI Driving Instructor Multiple Choice Test:

Road practice (you need to have in-depth knowledge of this topic) 

Traffic lights, vehicle controls, and basic knowledge of auto maintenance

The legislation, the driving test, and disabilities ( you will need to be well versed on the most recent laws and regulations)

Techniques for instructing beginner drivers and knowledge of content delivery

You must obtain an overall score of 85 in order to pass the multiple-choice portion of the exam. A minimum of 20 out of 25 is required in each of the 4 categories in order to pass with an overall score of 85%. Candidates for the exam must thoroughly study each section because passing requires a score of at least 20 in each area. You cannot pass the test if you receive a 20 on three categories and a lower mark on another. You must take and pass the danger perception portion of the test in addition to the driving instructor theoretical test. Your ability to drive with awareness is tested by the hazard perception test, which is essential if you want to become a fully licenced driving instructor. The hazard perception test includes the following:

fourteen videos (you need to spot the hazard in each clip)

One danger appears in each clip.

One clip has two risks.

For accurately identifying risks, you gain 5 points.

The hazard perception test must be passed with 57 points.

Once you have passed the theory test, you can schedule your driving instructor part 2 test, which is the practical component of the exam. You can retake the theoretical test as often as necessary if you don’t pass it the first time. You are only allowed a maximum of three tries on the other driving instructor tests.

Part 2: Practical Driving Test

You must possess great driving skills in order to become a certified driving instructor. The driving ability practical test is part two of the three driving instructor exams. The test will last an hour and consist of the following:

Eye examination

Auto safety concerns

Driving prowess

Requirements for Eyesight Tests

To ensure you can read a number plate, you must take an eye test at a distance of 26.5 metres for new-style number plates and 27.5 metres for old-style number plates.

Vehicle Safety 

You will be asked five questions in succession by the test examiner. These three inquiries fall under the category of “tell me” inquiries. The next two questions demand you to provide examples of your ability to follow directions and execute the necessary driving manoeuvres. These are the exact questions that you will be asking your pupils if you decide to teach driving. If you answer the show me questions incorrectly, you will receive a minor infraction; if you respond incorrectly and lose control of the car, you will receive a serious infraction.

3 “tell me” questions that ask you to describe how you would go about doing a safety assignment before you begin driving on your test, at the beginning

2 “show me” questions while you’re driving, in which you demonstrate how you’d perform a safety task

Driving Capabilities

You must be able to demonstrate each of the following during this test, which is the most crucial part:

Expert control of the vehicle’s controls

Recognize and use the proper lane discipline and driving techniques.

The capacity to foresee and prepare for impending hazards

Ability to take into account all motorists

Accurate assessment of speed

Driving sustainably

Competent to handle all traffic conditions and circumstances

You may be required to make an emergency halt.

Reversing Manoeuvres 

Since you will be teaching your students how to do these manoeuvres, you must be able to demonstrate them with excellent precision. You will be required to perform two of the following manoeuvres during your test.

Parking in reverse into a bay

Enter a parking space, then back out of it.

Parking in parallel

Reverse for two car widths after coming to a stop on the right side of the road, then merge back into traffic.

Pull up close to a vehicle and back into the space behind it. You must be able to stop close to the curb and two car lengths from the vehicle.

You must be competent, maintain constant vigilance, and show regard for other motorists and pedestrians in order to pass.

You will receive your test score after the test has ended. You would have passed the second section of the driving instructor examination if the examiner gave you no more than five minor faults and no significant ones. Part 3, which assesses teaching aptitude, is now available.

You may only take this exam three times. If you don’t pass all three exams, you can’t retake them for two years. The two years begin to run after you successfully complete your theory test.

Part 3: Test of Instructional Ability

The examination takes around one hour. A professionally trained DVSA senior examiner will watch you teach a full-license holder or a learner driver how to drive during the test; you get to decide who you bring with you. A different driving teacher or someone who is preparing you to teach driving is not an acceptable candidate. 

You can learn at home with the help of a study pack from Ahmed Driving School Bournemouth that comes with a DVD and a workbook. We will also give you six days of in-car instruction from a qualified tutor from Ahmed Driving School, who will make sure you are prepared for your exam and approval as a driving instructor.

The examiner will grade you in 17 areas of competence that are divided into 3 categories and look for evidence that you have been able to exhibit a high quality of client-centred learning.

lesson preparation

Risk reduction

Techniques for teaching and learning

If you demonstrate a lesson that satisfies the national standard for driver and rider instruction, the examiner will search for confirmation of this.

What is the time commitment to become a driving instructor?

For the majority of people, obtaining their ADI qualification and becoming fully qualified driving instructors will require at least six months of instruction training. However, in order to sit for the ADI exams, you must have a full, spotless driving licence for at least three years. The minimum time required to become a driving instructor is six months, but depending on how much time and effort you invest, in your training, it might take as long as twelve months of training.

It takes talent to become a driving instructor. If you could pick it up quickly, everyone would do it, which would cause the market to become swiftly oversaturated. If we could teach you everything we know about teaching people to drive in a week or a month, what would that indicate about the quality of our service or your capacity to become a knowledgeable instructor? In the long run, spending six months in training is not a large expenditure and is well worth your time, patience, and effort to master a skill you can for the rest of your life. But for those who are eligible, the perks are excellent; you may make roughly £50,000 a year, choose your own hours, work part-time, and still basically run your own business.

Is Bournemouth driver training Worth It?

Becoming a driving instructor is a great way to quit a job you despise and spend more time establishing your own itinerary. You’ll get to interact with new people, make a difference in their lives, and make a lot more money than in previous years thanks to the large lesson backlog—all while unwinding in the convenience of your own car. As one of the top driving schools in the Bournemouth, UK area, Ahmed Driving School is constantly looking for new, skilled driving instructors to join our team and assist in fostering the independence of new student drivers. We invite both aspiring and seasoned driving instructors to work with us.

How long will it take for my course price to be repaid?

Driving instructor training lessons is an investment in your future, your profession, and yourself. The cost of learning the driving lesson training skills turns out to be a fantastic bargain when you consider how much money you may expect to make in your career as a driving instructor! Your profit margins will depend on how many hours you work after receiving your certification, but as an instructor, you can make up to £1000 per week, so you will quickly recoup your money!

Smart drive and take control of your own future

You can customise the days and hours you work as an instructor at Ahmed Driving School to suit your schedule. Utilise full control of your own diary to schedule activities around taking the kids to school or visiting friends and family. In order to help you create more lessons in your local Bournemouth area through our national marketing initiatives, Ahmed Driving School does not arrange your working day. Your management of the lesson calendar is entirely up to you this process used well will bring enjoyment during your working hour. 

As an instructor at Ahmed Driving School, take a step toward a more promising future and take charge of your journey and join us in a brighter future.

Bournemouth Driving Instructors Have Great Job Satisfaction

Giving a young individual a useful life skill to learn makes for a very satisfying job. Our driving instructors consistently cite the opportunity to interact with new people each week and have a positive impact on their lives as one of the best aspects of their jobs. Don’t believe anything we say. See why our teachers like their jobs at Ahmed Driving School.


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