how to become a driving instructor PortsmouthAhmed Driving School – Wondering how to become a driving instructor Portsmouth? Ahmed driving teaches driving courses and teaches future instructors how to conduct driving lessons.

Ahmed Driving School is the number one choice if you’re thinking about how to become a driving instructor Portsmouth. Becoming a driving instructor is a great rewarding career that offers flexible working hours and is in high demand. Our training in Portsmouth is second to none.

If you’re wondering how to become a driving instructor, Portsmouth-based Ahmed driving school is the ideal choice. Our highly qualified team of instructor trainers are experts in getting you the experience you need to become a driving instructor for as little as £1995 to become part of the team. There are many advantages to becoming a driving instructor with us at Ahmed Driving School. As a qualified driving instructor, you can be your own boss, manage your own schedule and work the hours you want to. Since the Covid lockdowns, the demand for driving instructors has skyrocketed to the point that there are simply not enough instructors to meet the high demand of people who were not able to learn or only managed part of learning to drive during Covid lockdowns, leaving a huge backlog of students looking for driving lessons in and around Portsmouth contacting us wanting to learn and looking for suitable driving instructors for their training.

Our instructor training driving course prepares you for the three-part ADI examination so you can comfortably pass the course and become a confident and highly skilled instructor to pass pupils of your own in Portsmouth. During driving instructor training the test itself is not dissimilar to an actual driving test with the difference of having to demonstrate advanced driving skills during each part to meet the necessary requirements to be an approved driving instructor in order to provide training to up-skill your students during their lessons so they are ready for their driving test to get their license. We specialise in driving instructor training so you can trust us to provide you with the necessary instructor training to conduct your own driving lesson. With more and more people looking for an approved driving instructor in the local area there has never been a better time to get qualified in becoming a pro driving instructor and become part of our team in Portsmouth, Southsea, and the surrounding area, and not only is it a rewarding career, but it’s also great fun giving lessons too. Trust us for your driving instructor training lessons in Portsmouth to become a driving instructor, you won’t be disappointed.

Our Portsmouth Driving School can conduct driving lessons with an approved driving instructor so you can learn how to drive with confidence to pass your test and get your driving license with us. We also train driving instructors to cover the Portsmouth area.

If you are looking for a quality driving school for driving lessons yourself look no further than Ahmed Driving School, Portsmouth for your driving training lessons and become a competent safe driver with our training. Driving for the first time can be nerve-racking so it is important to choose a driving instructor and a driving school you can trust to help you learn how to drive, we are used to training all abilities from the most nervous to most confident drivers. The first step to getting your driving lessons is to get a provisional license which will allow you to learn to drive under our instruction to work towards your driving test. The provisional license involves no tests or examinations, it is merely an identity card that shows that you are legally entitled to drive on the road so you can take lessons with your driving instructor and practice hours in preparation to pass your test.

As long as you meet the following prerequisites you can apply for a provisional license on the GOV.UK website so you can start your lessons with your driving instructor on the journey to passing your test and find more information on how to get your full license:

  • are a resident of Great Britain
  • can meet the minimum age requirement
  • can meet the minimum eyesight requirement
  • are currently not prevented from driving for any reason
  • can pay the one off £50 fee by Mastercard, Electron, or a Debit or credit card
  • have a valid UK passport or one other form of formal identification
  • can a provide a valid address where you have resided for the past three years

The DVSA recommends approximately 45 hours of driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor and a further 22 hours of practice in order to get ready to pass your driving test. Obviously, these hours can vary widely from student to student, with some students requiring more or fewer hours depending on their confidence, ability, and overall skill to learn to drive and get the confidence they need. Our one-on-one lessons are designed to ensure you have the right amount of training hours with us so you are confident to drive and ready to pass your practical driving test the first time to help you reduce the cost involved in obtaining your license to get you driving. We can teach you how to drive manual cars or automatic ones which are becoming more and more popular according to current trends so with us the choice is yours on the type of license you get.Your Portsmouth-based training driving instructor can advise you on the differences in learning to drive each type of vehicle and all our driving instructors can provide lessons in both types of gearbox transmission, automatic and manual. Your trainer will always be professional and adapt to your natural ability to get you comfortable as quickly as possible and at one with the roads. So wether you’re looking to learn to drive or become a driving instructor yourself get in touch and see how we can help



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