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how to become a driving instructor Andover

Driving Instructor Driving Lessons in Andover

How to become a driving instructor Andover, have you ever asked yourself this question, have you ever thought about being your own boss? Many of us like the thought of working for ourselves with ours to suit and earning good money.

Take that step in the right direction and take a look at our driving instructor training package and become one of the elite driving instructors in Andover. Becoming a driving Instructor is not as difficult as you might think. Learning a new trade that’s both rewarding with a huge amount of job satisfaction. 

If you want to make that change and develop into one of Andover’s driving instructors with our instructor training program, please read on!

About our Driving School in Andover

Established in 2010, Ahmed’s driving school has been successfully teaching people to drive and with our learning techniques and instructor training helping guys develop into driving instructors. 

We offer our training courses and driving lessons in Andover, Southampton, Winchester, Fareham, Totton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Brockenhurst and Christchurch. All of our staff our highly trained hand-picked professionals and all are local and teach in a friendly manner. 

Our Package

For a limited time, we are offering an all-inclusive driving instruction package to be a qualified ADI driving instructor for £1,950. 

The driving course is in 3 segments with the fourth segment is optional. With our training & tuition, you will become an ADI Qualified driving instructor. Enabling you to teach your own students the art of driving in Andover or anywhere else in the UK.

Pre- Requisites  

Below you can train as a driving instructor, you must get full marks on the prerequisites below. 

  1. Be over 21 years of Age
  2. Held a Full UK Driving License for 3 years
  3. Be able to read a car license plate from 27.5 metres away
  4. Pass a check on any driving convictions
  5. Pass an enhanced background check

Driving Instructors Test

Part One – Theory and hazard Perception

You will be asked 100 questions on driving you must score over 85% to get a pass. Along with the theory test, there’s a hazard perception test on the subjects below.

  1. Road procedures
  2. Car Control, pedestrian awareness, highway code, and car mechanical knowledge
  3. Driving Test and the law

You will get learning publications such as the official ADI theory test pack and a driving instructor handbook.

Part Two – Driving Ability Test

Similar to a normal driving test but much more in-depth you will be tested on your driving ability. An instructor will give you 15 hours of intensive learning and training on driving skills to get you a pass.

You must demonstrate on the test a high level of driving ability, driving techniques and consideration and anticipation for other drives and pedestrians. To pass this segment of the test, you must have no more than 6 minor infringements.

Part Three – Instructional Ability

In this section, you will receive 40 hours of teacher training, manual training and lesson planning from an instructor. For a pass, you must demonstrate and provide driving student lesson plans, and show that you can communicate effectively with students.

Part three is more about teaching ability and not so much about driving.

Part Four (Optional)

An additional 20 hours of training from an instructor to obtain a temporary license to teach driving and give driving lessons. This temporary license lasts for 6 months but enables you to start teaching driving and earning before the segment three exams.

Be sure to Pass

Congratulations, great you passed, after our tuition and your driving skills you are now set free as a qualified instructor, able to teach driving skills to students. You can teach driving as a full-time profession or in your own time.

This is what’s cool about teaching driving, it’s completely up to you when you have time and are free to work. You are now your own boss!

Instructor Training Franchise with Car Hire

If you already have a dual-controlled driving tuition training car with the correct cover and car insurance, then you are good to go and start teaching driving lessons. If not then take a look at applying to Ahmed’s driving school.

We can get you up and running as an instructor in Andover and a team member at our driving school. Ahmed’s driving school home to the best driving tuition in Andover

Why choose our Andover School

You get the best tuition & coaching from a highly experienced instructor, we have been in the business of owning a successful driving school since 2010 and you get to be taught by the best driving instructors in the South of England.

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If you need further advice or have any questions regarding our driving & training school please get in touch. You can contact us by using our website contact us page or by telephone. One of our friendly helpful team members will be happy to help.

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