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Good Value

Our fees are fair and not excessive, as you’d expect from the instructor industry

From Start to Finish

Our instructors stay with you from start to finish, ensuring we both teach you and pass you!

Flexible Timing

We work with your schedule, ensuring you are able to book lessons when you need them

Multiple Locations

We work in many locations, Southampton, Eastleigh, Chandler’s Ford, Chilworth, and more

Driving Lessons

At Zia Ahmed driving school, we teach you all the required techniques and skills you need to successfully drive a car, whether it be an automatic or manual transmission.

We’re able to teach drivers of all abilities, whether you have already practiced and learnt the principles behind driving, or even if you’ve never set foot in a car.


Can I drive automatic after I pass?

If you have an manual license, you will be legally qualified to drive cars with all transmisions – manual, automatic, semi automatic, sequential, etcetera, with no restriction.

Conversely, with an automatic license you will not be allowed to drive a manual.

Automatic, or manual?

It is completely down to preference; automatics are more relaxing to drive, and if you travel a lot, particularly in heavy traffic, it can stop your foot and leg becoming fatigued from constantly depressing a clutch.

Drivers tend to prefer manuals due to having more control over the car, but automatics have become a lot more refined over the years, and become a lot better at selecting the optimum gear for the situation.

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