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What is driving instructor training?

A driving instructor is a qualified professional who instructs people on how to drive specific kinds of vehicles; with either manual or automatic transmission. While many offer courses for novice drivers who want to learn how to operate cars and trucks, others may aid people in getting ready for licence exams for operating buses, motorcycles, or commercial trucks. Driving instructors cover a variety of subjects in their classes, including traffic laws, safety procedures, and car maintenance. You will find out more about completing your driving instructor course in Glasgow in this article.

The majority of the time, driving instructors provide classroom instruction, as well as practical driving training, which includes reading from textbooks, seeing lectures and videos, and hands-on driving practise. A crucial component of the training learning process is feedback. You may observe people’s driving habits and responses in various scenarios, providing them with helpful feedback on how they’re progressing through the instructor training programme. The precise course curriculum varies depending on the area, as does the amount of time spent in the classroom and actually driving.

Before enrolling in a programme to become a driving instructor in Glasgow, you must be at least years old 21. In addition, each institution may have its own requirements for the number of years of driving experience and a current personal driving licence.

After you have completed your training to become a driving instructor, you will be training your students on how to deal with driving in Glasgow.  You may find it simple but your students may not so it is important they learn how to read the road signs and know what to do when driving during heavy Glasgow traffic.


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Part 1 – The first phase is a theory test, which is quite similar to a regular driving test. See below for more details on the driving instructor training theory test.

Part 2 – This section is quite similar to the driving exam that everyone must take, only longer. You will have to display a high level of driving proficiency in this section, as well as strategies, good foresight, and being mindful of other road users. Therefore, you are only permitted to have six minors.

We’ll run the following tests (among others):
– An eye exam 
– Scenario based questions and answers
– General driving proficiency 
– Capability to anticipate other drivers’ activities and respond appropriately
– Accurate estimation of timing, speed, and distance.
– Parking your car in reverse

Part 3 – You will learn teaching methods for education during your lessons, prompting, independent driving, and other topics in part 3. Example lesson plans will be given to you so that you may plan your classes for your pupils in a methodical manner.  You will need to show that you can effectively communicate with them and share your knowledge. This is more about your capacity to educate and share your expertise than it is about your driving skills.

Part 4 (Optional) – The benefit of Part 4, which is a temporary licence valid for six months, is that it enables you to begin training students and making money before your Part 3 exam. An additional 20 hours of lessons training will be included in your package if you choose to end your training with this licence.

For a very limited time, we will be offering a comprehensive driving instruction package for £1950. Once you complete the course and receive your ADI teacher certification, you can start teaching your own students and add your name to our growing list of instructors.

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Unlike the typical theory test, there are 100 questions in all, chosen at random. The pass mark on this harder test is 85. Additionally, you will have access to our online videos so that you may study at your own pace.  A test of hazard perception follows the theory test. The following 4 sections make up the test:

– Driving tests, people with disabilities, and the law 
– Road procedures 
– Traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians, and mechanical knowledge 
– Publications and teaching methods


Benefits of becoming a Glasgow driving instructor

“Should I be become an instructor in Glasgow?” The beauty of training to become a driving instructor is that you can do your driving instructor training courses in your own time, around your current work schedule.  You can also earn a lot of money training people in driving. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of driving instructor training in Glasgow:

You’ll have the chance to work for yourself as a driving instructor. You will have flexibility over your working and holiday schedules, allowing you to prioritise your responsibilities. This will enable you to properly manage your own time and make choices that will advance your career.

Your knowledge and experience as an ADI enable you to work wherever life takes you. Anywhere in the UK, not just in Glasgow, you will be able to provide high-quality driving instruction, allowing you to keep teaching even if you decide to move.

You will improve your current talents and learn new ones as a result of your training. You will gain a variety of transferable skills in addition to being an excellent driver with exceptional road knowledge. Meeting and instructing a diverse range of people will help you develop your communication skills.

You may make up to £40K a year as an ADI instructor. Being an ADI instructor can advance your career because of the steady flow of students and flexibility with your work schedule. A full-time instructor can often make between £600 and £900 per week on average in Glasgow.

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