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We are offering manual and automatic driving lessons and instructor training in Glasgow and surrounding area

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Who can take driving instructor course?

Anyone who is over 21 years old also has 2 years of driving experience, basic requirement is yo have a clean driving licence and you can become a driving instructor.
However, to become a driving instructor first few steps you have really careful of otherwise you might loss money and time. Most of the beginning steps can be done by yourself and home study, if you get the correct information.

Nevertheless, as you progress in the journey you might struggle when you reach up-to stage 2 or very hard working people can complete part 2 them-self but part 3 cannot be complete by yourself. You would need an instructor trainer to help on part 3. Where some trainer can charge the full amount for only part 3 what should normally pay the full course.

Therefore, do your best research and pick a trainer or driving school from the beginning till end. Where you can save money and time. If you decided to work with Ahmed Driving School we take care of your journey from step 1 till you qualified and support with training, supply car, pupils and material etc.

How much driving instructor course cost

Approved driving instructor (ADI) test and registration fees are set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Fees for driving instructor training vary and are set by training organisations.

ADI qualifying test fees
You have to pass the qualifying tests before you register as an ADI with DVSA.

    Fee type Cost

Driving Instructor Course Training Image

Driving Instructor Course Training Image

How soon can I complete driving instructor course

We train people from all ages and backgrounds. Adding our training experience we have train introduced Driving instructor Courses in Glasgow where our very very hard working instructor complete training within only 21 days, at the same time we have train instructor for 17 months and only managed to get part 2 clear and than drop out the course. Its all depends on how much effect you can put in. If you can put your hard work in we are here to support and achieve your goal sooner than later…