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Searching through the world wide web to become a driving instructor Glasgow you may wonder about the role of a driving instructor as an expert who instructs individuals on how to drive particular models of motor vehicles. While many offer courses to teach novice drivers how to operate automobiles and trucks, others may help people get ready for licencing exams for operating non-conventional vehicles like big trucks, buses, or motorbikes. Traffic rules, safety procedures, and vehicle maintenance are just a few of the many topics that Glasgow driving instructors must address. The courses they provide often combine classroom instruction, which includes textbook readings, lectures, and videos, with practical driving instruction. 

The pandemic and accompanying lockdowns have increased the need for instructors by learner drivers. In Britain, there are presently about thirty learners for every driving instructor (also known as an Advanced Driving Instructor, or ADI), according to recent statistics from the insurance company Marmalade. Since 2020, there have been 227 per cent more inquiries for current instructors, or an additional 8.24 inquiries per week on average.

Because of the pandemic, more people are turning to self-employment for cash, and teaching driving might be a smart method to achieve so. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a  Glasgow driving instructor, and the procedure.

What is the time commitment to becoming a driving instructor?

Normally, becoming a  Glasgow driving instructor takes six to twelve months. But right now, test wait times are a problem. 

The training can be carried out. Potentially, if you really wanted to downsize it, you could complete the course in a week or two. However, we advise independent study for advanced concepts. It typically takes eight to ten hours to prepare for the advanced driving test, which includes correcting negative behaviours

You might choose to apply for a trainee licence with a six-month validity after passing the second test. Your options are to:

While holding your trainee licence, 20% of all lessons you teach must be under supervision.

At least 20 hours of further training must be completed while you hold your trainee licence.

How much can I make teaching driving?

Whether you’re an independent businessperson or a franchisee will determine how this varies, and even within that, there are variations. According to BSM, instructors can make between £24 and £25 per hour, but as demand has increased, so have session costs.

Am I eligible to become a driving instructor?

You must be at least 21 years old and have held a valid driver’s licence for at least three years in order to become a  Glasgow driving instructor. 

According to the government, if you have ever had a driving suspension, have five or more points on your licence, or have been found guilty of any non-motoring offences, your application may be denied. The ADI Registrar will make a case-by-case determination in this regard. If you have a history of sexual assault, violence, or drug-related crimes, or if you have been barred from dealing with children, your application is likely to be refused.

Even if you already have one, you must acquire a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before starting your driving instructor application. The cost of a DBS check is £6.

Since testing is conducted in manual cars, you would typically need to have one. You can own an automatic automobile if you’re disabled and want to teach automatic driving.

I very frequently spend an hour on the phone, or an hour having coffee with them, if they’re interested in becoming a Glasgow driving instructor. as It’s actually quite a huge decision.

Key characteristics of a Glasgow driving instructor include friendliness, approachability, and dependability. A spotless car is also necessary. Students are aware of these kinds of things. They don’t pay much attention to educational material. In the beginning, people always assume it’s them, even if you’re having trouble instructing. They won’t believe for a second that you aren’t educating them if they can’t understand something because they can’t drive.

What are the pros and cons regarding driving instructors?

This is exactly what I was thinking as I weighed the advantages and disadvantages of taking the risk. Absolutely no one should be prevented from doing this, but it helps to love meeting new people and driving. Your own driving skills should be of a good calibre, but a portion of the training will assist you to comprehend the requirements for passing the driving ability exam as well as the calibre expected of your students.

As we’ve seen, there is plenty of work available, which means instructors will make more money. Thus according to insurance firm Marmalade, the average price rise for driving instructors over the previous year was 9%. Only 28% of lessons fell into this range in 2021, down from 52% in 2020 when the price range was £25-£29. Lessons now cost between £30.00 and £34.00, an increase of 32% from 2020. About a fifth valued them between £35 and £40. This is an average 15% increase from 2020. The cost explosion won’t stop here, as 41% of businesses anticipate raising prices in the upcoming six months.

But increased demand also means increased stress. To accommodate the demand, a sizable 29% had to postpone or sacrifice time off. In the meantime, 37% have raised the number of sessions taught each day, and 33% have increased the number of days they work each week. The increasing workload has had repercussions; 41% report a worsening work-life balance, and 33% think stress may be a factor in their decision to change careers. 32 per cent of respondents say they are stressed out, and 8 per cent say they want to quit their careers right now.

The pandemic might have also caused financial problems. Many of the instructors were not entitled to anything during lockdowns, which is one of the main reasons they quit. More than anything, they departed because they had no other option. They were self-employed, but they hadn’t been for three years and couldn’t prove they had the job for three years’ worth of books.

As of December 2020, there were 38,778 licenced driving instructors. That represents a 2.34 per cent decrease from the prior year. According to Statista data, 1.6 million driving tests are typically taken in the UK each year. According to insurance firm Marmalade, demand is 55.81 per cent higher than available capacity.

What does a Glasgow driving instructor test consist of?

There are three qualifying tests in all.

Test one, first ADI test segment (advanced theory)

Cost: £83

Given the multiple choice and hazard perception sections, this is comparable to the typical learner’s theory test.

You will need your licence with a photocard. If you don’t already have one, you should bring your paper licence and passport. If you don’t have a passport, a photocard licence is required.


You might need to shield your face depending on where you’re having your test done. In England, you can choose to hide your face, but in Scotland and Wales, it’s required unless you qualify for an exemption.

ADI test part two is the second test (advanced driving)  

Cost: £125

The second exam is a practical test, also referred to as a driving ability test. If you succeed on the second ADI test, you can choose to apply for a trainee licence that will allow you to teach students for six months. The application fee for a trainee teacher licence is £140.

The driving instructor test is the third test.

Cost: £125

The third section of the exam gauges your capacity to instruct students. A few days prior to the test, your teacher will give you a call and ask you where you want to begin the test. You can choose to start at the driving test centre or a location up to five minutes away. Be aware that Northern Ireland has a unique system in place.

If you need assistance before the test, driving instructor training is also offered.

You’ll need a student, a decent car, your driver’s licence, and a facial covering for this test. Both you and your student must be covered up on the face. Additionally, you should have a log book with you that lists the training you’ve completed to become an authorised driving instructor.

According to Covid safety regulations, you must clean your car before the test. This entails clearing clutter from the seats, footwells, door pockets, and dashboard. The dashboard and the car’s controls should also be cleaned. Some of the surfaces will receive an additional cleaning from the examiner. The vehicle you are driving must have at least one window open on each side.

Your 45-minute class, during which your student must drive for at least 40 minutes, will be observed by the driving examiner. The opening discussion of the lesson’s objectives and risk must be brief—three minutes at most—thanks to Covid. Give your student three minutes maximum at the conclusion of the lesson to reflect on their performance.

Your student may be a learner who is partially trained, fully trained, or in possession of a full licence. They cannot, however, be a student who has just begun learning to drive, certified ADI, or a candidate for the ADI test.

If you fail the third test once or twice, you can retry; however, if you fail three times, you must retake ADI 1 and 2. You cannot retake the ADI 1 exam until two years have passed since your first attempt. If you fail your ADI 3 and believe your examiner violated the law while administering the test, you may also appeal. 

If you pass, you must apply for your ADI licence within 12 months, failing to apply within 12 months then you must retake the three prerequisite exams so don’t forget to apply. The registration fee for your ADI certificate is £300. You can start charging for classes after you get this accreditation.

You can work as a driving instructor as an independent contractor or as an employee for businesses including driver-training facilities, governmental organisations, public schools, and auto insurance firms. Depending on your area of specialisation, you might teach everything from high schoolers to ambulance drivers.

Once you have passed your training

You have the chance to develop your own clientele and take charge of your business as a Glasgow driving instructor. Being your own boss may not be for everyone, but for those who want more career control, it may be the best course of action.


The freedom to choose your own hours comes with being your own employer. We all lead complicated, hectic lives, and not everyone can work a typical 9-to-5 schedule. You can choose the hours you want to work as a  Glasgow driving instructor because you choose your own schedule.


One of the most crucial characteristics of a job is flexibility because your life shouldn’t stop while you’re at work. Being a Glasgow driving instructor gives you the freedom to schedule your job however you like, which puts you in control of your schedule.

Job Security

You will have a skill for life once you position yourself as a Glasgow driving instructor. The skills you acquire as a teacher will always be portable, even if technology and traffic rules change. 

Additionally, since you are in charge of your own business, your job security is in your hands since it is not dependent on anybody else.

Good Earning Potential as a driving instructor

Flexibility and work stability are great, but you also need to make some money! The good news is that a driving instructor can make between £30,000 and £35,000 a year, with the average driving lesson currently costing over £26 and rising. 

You can start developing your business and earning a solid income once you’ve passed the theory driving test and fulfilled all the prerequisites. Everything is within your control, so you decide how much money you make.

Driver Satisfaction

If you genuinely enjoy your job, it makes it easier to go to work every day. By becoming a driving instructor you will get to know a lot of new individuals while working and assisting them in achieving their road-legality goals. 

When you assist your pupils in passing their exams, it will be an amazing, truly wonderful feeling, and it makes all the hard work just a little bit more joyful and well worth the new journey you have set out on, so good luck as life is all about the moments we enjoy with each person that enters our lives.




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