Meaning Of Manual Driving

Manual driving means when the driver himself is driving the vehicle by shifting the gears. He is solely responsible for the car’s running on road. Manual driving gives a great control of the vehicle on the driver and his skill to drive the car.

Manual Driving Vs Automatic Driving

Vehicles in today’s world are found in two types- automatic and manual. Driving manually implies that the driver has full control over the gear whereas automatic driving gives the control to the car. The car itself changes the gear and the driver acts as a passive observer.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Manual and Automatic Driving

Driving schools offer driving lessons on both automatic and manual driving.

Manual driving is learnt on vehicles having less complex engines with more gears. These vehicles weigh less and their repair work is also not too expensive. That is the reason that Manual Driving Lessons are cheaper in comparison to the automatic ones.

Automatic Driving Lessons are naturally more costly because of the high cost of the vehicle itself. These vehicles are more complex and hence their repair work too becomes highly expensive. There are fewer gear and they are very heavy also. Hence there are people found who do not find automatic cars exciting enough to drive. However automatic car accelerates faster than Manual cars while the engine starts. The reason behind this is that the driver is not needed to step off the gas during shifting of the gear.

Manual Driving Lessons

Driving schools offer Lessons On Manual Driving which makes the learner skilled in car driving on road solely on his own. Basically Instructions On Manual Driving is learning to start and shift through the gears.

The learner becomes a master over the clutch, easy with the gearstick and also very skilled in starting, stopping as well as shifting the gears at various types of speed levels. The following parts are provided by the driving schools as driving lessons step by step which makes the Lessons On Manual Driving very helpful and skill based:

Basic Instructions On Manual Driving

  1. Starting On The Ground Level: When the learner is very new in The Process Of Learning To Drive Manually, he must begin slowly and systematically, putting the seatbelts on for safety purpose and keeping the windows open so that he may be able to hear the sounds of the engine and thus manage the gears accordingly.
  • The first to be learnt is the CBA of vehicles which are same for both left hand drive as well as right hand drive vehicles. C is the clutch, B is the brake and A is the accelerator.
  1. Function Of The Clutch: The pedal on the left is the clutch. According to experts the relevant error made by learners while Learning To Drive Manually is acting too fast with the clutch.
  • The clutch separates the engine from the wheels. With the help of the clutch one is able to switch gears.
  • Pushing the clutch is very important before changing the gears.
  1. The Position Of The Seat: Regulating the position of the seat by sliding forward so that the driver can press the clutch pedal is very important.
  2. Full Control Over The Clutch: Understanding of the clutch pedal and its functions which are different from brake and gas, is taught in this step. How and when to release the clutch pedal is an important Lesson On Manual Driving.
  3. Having The Gearstick In Neutral Position: Learning to use the gearstick by keeping the clutch pedal pushed is another lesson to be learnt in Manual Driving.
  4. Starting The Engine Keeping The Gearstick In Neutral Position: The handbrake must be on before starting the car.
  5. Next Is How To Begin Driving: Removing the foot from the clutch pedal when the car is in neutral position is something to be learnt on Manual Car Driving Lessons.

Learning How To Use The Different Gears

  1. Pressing The Clutch And Moving The Gearstick:

One can learn the shifting of various gears by keeping the engine off thereby engaging the clutch.

Handling Of The Various Gears According To The Type Of Road:

  1. Knowing when to higher the gear and also lower it and when to stop completely comes under The Manual Driving Lessons.


  1. Repeated Practice: Practice makes a man perfect and this saying is very much valid for car drivers. Schools providing Manual Learning Lessons on car driving has instructors who give practical lessons on road. However with a driving license one may practice on his own on public road.
  2. Parking Procedures: Another important aspect taught in Manual Car Driving is parking because there are no park gears found in the Manual transmission cars.

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