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Automatic is becoming more and more prominent with every passing day. We also offer driving lessons in automatic transmission vehicles for students that are interested in driving to drive automatic only.

Manual lessons

The most favoured transmission in the UK, and indeed Europe - our teachers are experts in teaching new drivers clutch control and how to shift smoothly to make the most out of a manual transmission.

nervous drivers

Understandably, a lot of drivers are nervous when they first pass. Our instructors do their best to ensure that you have a comfortable, pleasant experience and that you enjoy your time driving.

Good Value

Our fees are fair and not excessive, as you’d expect from the instructor industry

From Start to Finish

Our instructors stay with you from start to finish, ensuring we both teach you and pass you!

Flexible Timing

We work with your schedule, ensuring you are able to book lessons when you need them

Multiple Locations

We work in many locations, Southampton, Eastleigh, Chandler’s Ford, Chilworth, and more

How to Pass First Time!

Its normal to be nervous on the day of your driving test, and the best way to combat the stress is by preparing for everything that may and will happen on the big day!

1. Have a lesson beforehand

A lesson before is the perfect day to clarify any details your unsure about with your instructor. It also helps to calm your nerves and put you in a calm, focused mindset for your lesson, and helps you pick up and fine tune any small mistakes you may make.

2. Make sure you have all you need

Its best to start from the basics, always make sure you have all you need for your driving test on the day! If you wear glasses, make sure you bring them, and if you have a spare set or contacts, then those too, just in case!

Make sure you have the required documents your instructor has advised you to bring, i.e. your provisional license.

3. Use the same car you have had lessons/practice in

Its cruical to make sure you’re in a car you know well and feel comfortable in, so you know where all the relevant controls are for the Show Me Tell Me section of the test.

It also helps as it means any points you may remember to perform a perfect parallel park remain the same, i.e., when to turn, full lock, and so on.

And of course, the bite point on your clutch is an important point to remember! It varies between cars, and using a different car may make it more likely that you stall during the test.

4. Bring your driving instructor

It might be reassuring to have your instructor with you, as you’ll be used to being inside the car with them, and so it may help ease your nerves!

More importantly, if unfortunately you do fail, your instructor will be able to note down any mistakes you’ve made so you’ll know exactly what you did wrong, and how to remedy it for next time.

5. Always stay confident and calm

Although you might make a few little mistakes, don’t dwell on them; even if you’ve made a clear error, like stalling, remember you’re allowed up to 15 minors, so restart the car, and continue with your journey calmly.

Always assume you’re going to pass no matter what!

6. Exaggerate your mirror checks

A very large proportion of drivers fail solely due to lack of observation, that is, not checking mirrors regularly enough and during important points; when setting off and approaching any hazards. Examiners are experienced and therefore, they know when you check your mirrors, but a quick glance remotely in the direction of your mirror wont cut it; make sure you move your head slightly, and take a good look!

Hazard Perception / Theory

There are a great deal of resources online for revising for your theory and hazard perception! An excellent resource is ‘Top Tests’ – they have a selection of free tests that very strongly resemble, and indeed sometimes match word for word with the actual theory tests.

In the digital age, there are a lot of options available, for both hazard perception and theory, and we advise all our students to look online thoroughly for the apps and services you feel most comfortable with.

How many lessons do I usually need to pass?

There is no accurate estimation as it highly depends on your abilities and current knowledge. We usually esimate around 40 hours before a practical test for most people to pass.

Why not use our Hazard Perception/Theory Revision tools?


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