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£1950 Discount Package - ends 31st August 2022!

For a limited time only, we will be offering a fully inclusive driving instruction package for £1950. Normally we sale this packag as £2600, save £650. By the end of the course, you will be an ADI qualified instructor, and you can join our growing list of instructors and teach your very own students!

Since the introduction of lockdown, the amount of people taking driving lessons has skyrocketed, to the point there are no longer enough driving instructors to keep up with all of the people wanting a license!

By becoming a driving instructor, you too can join our driving school and earn a significant income doing what you love! You can be your own boss and work your hours.

Our training prepares you for the 3 part ADI examination so you can comfortably pass and become a strong, skilled instructor to pass pupils of your own.

It is very similar to a normal driving test, with the caveat of having to demonstrate advanced driving skills which our instructors will train you for.

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Much like a normal driving test, the first step is a theory test.

However, unlike the standard theory test, there are a total of 100 questions, chosen at random. This test is more difficult, and the pass mark is 85.

After the theory test, there is a hazard perception test.

The test comprises of the following 4 sections:

  • Road Procedures
  • Traffic signs & Signals, Car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge
  • Driving test, disabilities and the law
  • Publications and instructional techniques

This part is very much like the same driving test everyone takes, just longer. You have to demonstrate a high standard of driving competence, techniques, anticipation and consideration for other road users. As such, you you are only allowed 6 minors.

  • An eyesight check
    • You’ll be asked to read a numberplate from 20 metres. If you can’t do this, you fail on the spot.
  • “Show me, tell me” questions
    • You’ll be asked 3 tell me questions before you start driving.
    • Then asked 2 show me questions whilst driving, at random.
  • General driving ability
    • You need to demonstrate expert handling of the controls, beyond what a normal driving test requires.
    • Use of correct road procedure
    • Anticpiation of other road users actions, and ability to take appropriate action
    • Sound judgement of distance, speed and timing.
    • Cosnideration for convenience and safety of other road users.
    • Driving in an envrionmentally friendly manner. 
  • Reversing your vehicle
    • You’ll be asked to do two of the following: parallel park, reverse park in a parking bay, pull up on the right hand side of the road, reverse for 15m, and rejoin traffic, and finally drive into a parking bay and reverse out.
  • Independent driving ability
    • You’ll drive for 20 minutes, using either a sat nav or road signs.

At the end, you’ll find out your result based on your marks. Your instructor can come with you, but cannot speak, make any hand signals, and so on

    In this phase, you will be taught instructional techniques for instruction, prompting, independent driving and so on. You will be provided with example lesson plans so that you have a structured way to plan your lessons for your students.

    You will have to demonstrate that you can communicate clearly with pupils and convey your knowledge effectively. This is less about your driving ability, but how good you are at teaching and imparting your knowledge.

    This is a temporary license that lasts for 6 months, and the advantage of it is that it allows you to start taking on students and start earning before your exam in Part 3! If you opt for this license, an additional 20 hours of training will be bundled in with your package.

    Part 1 – Online theory & hazard perception training. You will also have access to our digital videos that allow you to study in your own time as well.

    Part 2 Training – 15 hours driver training, through driving lessons.

    Part 3 Training – 40 hours teaching training including lesson plans and a training manual

    Part 4 – Trainee licence – 20 hours further in car training

    Our package covers all the lessons you need to pass with flying colours. There are additional costs that are paid directly to the DVSA, and so are not included in the package, being:

    • Part 1 – Theory Test: £83
    • Part 2 – Driving Test: £125
    • Part 3 instructional test: £125
    • Optional Trainee Licence £140

    At the end, the cost of your ADI Green Badge will be £300 – again, this is paid directly to DVSA.

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